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Risk Factors – Breast Cancer Facts

First, your one-in-eight lifetime chance of developing the disease increases if you ignore the following facts about breast cancer. Never had a child, or if your first child was born after your 30th birthday. Went through menopause after the age of fifty. Had your first…

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Top 5 Vitamin K Benefits and the Best Sources – Thanks Helen

Top 5 Vitamin K Benefits and the Best Sources

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Breast Ultrasound vs Mammograms – Mammograms may not be the best way to screen for breast cancer

A mammogram is the gold standard for breast cancer detection… it always works, right? Dianne Anderson, 55, knew she had dense breast tissue when she went for her annual mammogram a few years ago. The results showed that the Ohio resident had the dense tissue,…

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A Brief Look at the Procedure for Getting a Mammogram in Orange County

As women get older, particularly beyond the age of 40, the likelihood of them developing breast cancer gets higher and higher- more so if their family has a history of it. In anticipation of this, they will want to undergo a breast exam at least…

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Innovative New Therapy May Curb Need for a Mammogram in Orange County

A promising treatment for breast cancer may altogether scrap patients’ need for exposing themselves to the ill effects of radiation and chemotherapy, as well as the trauma of surgery. A team of researchers from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering found a way…

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Early Cancer Detection with a Healthier Mammogram in Orange County

An Almagest article published November 27, 2013 details the increased necessity for younger women to undergo breast cancer detection:

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Can Coffee Prevent Cancer? New Study Says Yes

Whether it is a dire need or has a placebo effect, I consider it my duty to drink coffee every morning. Not just to function coherently but also because of its health and antioxidant properties. Coffee consumption has been found to reduce the risk of certain…

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SB 1538: Comprehensive Breast Tissue Screening

Dense Breasts…….very popular topic when speaking with patients at OC Breast Wellness.   What does it mean and am I getting the “run around” from the medical system about the quality of the exams that are covered by my insurance?   Bottom line, can a mammogram find…

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Why You Should Consider Visiting an Orange County Mammogram Facility

Cancer is a frightening disease that typically strikes with little to no warning, and is best dealt with through prevention. In the case of breast cancer, NBC Los Angeles says that “while mammograms are not a cure for breast cancer, research has shown early and…

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New Cancer Definition Would Reduce Overdiagnosis

In an effort to curb widespread overtreatment of cancers that are not life-threatening, an expert group recommends a revolutionary new approach to diagnosis, including a narrower definition of the disease itself. In fact, some common disorders would no longer be called cancer at all. Read…

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