A Brief Look at the Procedure for Getting a Mammogram in Orange County

As women get older, particularly beyond the age of 40, the likelihood of them developing breast cancer gets higher and higher- more so if their family has a history of it. In anticipation of this, they will want to undergo a breast exam at least once a year in order to check for any anomalies in their breasts. If you choose a mammogram rather than an alternative breast exam such as SureTouch or Breast Thermography check the Cancer.org article dated September 11, 2013, that tells women how to prepare for (and what to expect when) getting a mammogram in Orange County and other parts of the US:

Getting Mammogram

“Where to go: Find a center that specializes in mammograms. The US Food and Drug Administration certify mammogram facilities that meet high professional standards of quality and safety. Ask to see the FDA certificate if one isn’t posted near the receptionist’s desk when you arrive. And when you find a facility you like, stick with it. Having all your mammograms at the same facility will make it easier for doctors to compare images from one year to the next.”

Ideally you should schedule your appointment a week after your menstrual period, as well as wear a two piece outfit to facilitate easy removal of your top and bra. What will happen is that one breast will be deeply compressed, x-rayed, (equal to 20 chest x-rays of damaging radiation), then adjusted for a new position before being x-rayed again, taking as many as 4 x-rays. The same will be repeated for your other breast; the whole process should take no more than 20 minutes and your San Diego mammogram clinic should give you your results within 30 days.

If you do not want a breast exam that is an x-ray, then choose SureTouch a radiation-free, pain-free, safe exam that will take no more than 20 minutes and your results will be immediate at an Orange County clinic.

Don’t wait until for the likes of cysts and other problems to develop. Get in touch with reliable clinics like OC Breast Wellness to root them out and stop them from getting worse.

(Article and Image Excerpt from What to Know About Getting a Mammogram, American Cancer Society, September 11,2013)

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