Alternatives to Mammography

I mentioned in the last blog that 1 in 8 women have a lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. The numbers are getting worse despite the trillions of dollars we’ve spent searching for a cure and the billions we spend every year in the U.S. on mammography screening. Could the standard of care in the medical community, mammography, be a part of the problem? Many experts in the field believe that to be true. See Depths of Deceit Mammography

A new approach to screening is critical. It must be safe, accurate and provide early detection. No single test is perfect but a combination of technologies comes close to perfection. Computer assisted Breast Thermography provides a woman with the knowledge that she is at low medium or high risk of cancer. It looks at 20 different factors that are both objective and subjective to assess a woman’s risk. It has been the best alternative to mammography screening until now.

A relatively new technology developed at Harvard University is now available that is more accurate and provides more information regarding the lumps and bumps found in women’s breasts and unlike mammography it is safe.  It is 4 times more sensitive than human touch and can identify a mass as small as 5 mm. We are very pleased to offer women this breakthrough technology.

Breast cancer has touched all of us. It is a devastating disease. There is a solution based on 3    fundamentals; prevention, early detection and participation. You get the first 2 but what do I mean “participation”? I wrote and published over 5 years ago how to dramatically reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but did you see it?

You are an essential  part of the answer. Please let the women that mean the most to you in on this information. Then follow up and make sure they took action.

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