America desperately needs a new health care model.

America desperately needs a new health care model. There is no way we can sustain the current
expenditures on health care much less fund the projected growth.

The existing model…
• Medicare is underfunded by between 25 and 35 trillion dollars
• America ranks between 42nd and 47th in life expectancy but we spend at least double
any other country in health care spending
• We don’t spend our money on health care we spend it on sick care.

A new model based on … (1) prevention, (2)early detection, (3)safety and (4)participation
…is mandatory if America is to continue its place as a world leader.

Don’t expect changes to come from the government or the medical model. There is just too
much money being made on sick care. We need a grass roots effort to make real change a

The most glaring and obvious place to start is in the prevention and early detection of cancer.
We know that education is paramount in our efforts to be successful.

In 2007 OCBREASTTHERMOGRAPHY.COM posted an article outlining steps that if followed
would reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer up to 90%.

We also offered a test that is …
Painless – FDA approved – Accurate (90%) – Safe.

The current model, mammography, for screening for breast cancer is a miserable failure if we
just look at the statistics.

Not only have the numbers gotten worse in the rates of breast cancer over the last 40 years,
mammography may well be a part of the problem.

I mentioned safety as a fundamental pillar of the new model. Mammography is not safe.
Mammography uses low energy x-ray, the most dangerous form of x-ray. The leading experts in
the world on cancer prevention believe the whole mammography industry maybe just a break
even in the good it does compared to the harm.

I wouldn’t be writing this if there wasn’t a far better answer to breast cancer screening. Breast
thermography is the most widely studied, safe breast cancer screening tool. The vast majority of
those studies have shown it to be safe, accurate and painless. I mentioned earlier it isn’t perfect.
There is no perfect test for breast cancer.

We believe we have found the perfect adjunct to breast thermography and plan on adding that
at no additional cost to our screening protocols making our screening second to none.

We will go into more details in our next blog.

A breast thermography screening at our office is $235.00. Have a “Breast Thermography
Party” at your house with a minimum of 5 ladies and your screening is FREE. Call for details
(714) 363-5595.

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