Innovative New Therapy May Curb Need for a Mammogram in Orange County

A promising treatment for breast cancer may altogether scrap patients’ need for exposing themselves to the ill effects of radiation and chemotherapy, as well as the trauma of surgery. A team of researchers from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering found a way to partially reverse the development of malignant cells in test mice and, subsequently, halt cancer.


As discussed in, an online hub of medical information:

“The findings open up the possibility of someday treating patients who have a genetic propensity for cancer, which could change people’s lives and alleviate great anxiety,” said Don Ingber, founding director, Wyss Institute.

With this encouraging development, people who are genetically predisposed to developing breast cancer can latch onto a strong glimmer of hope that they may be able to free themselves from the debilitating bonds of the condition. The fact that the treatment is designed to be non-invasive is an added bonus, too. As it aims to heal rather than destroy cancerous cells, patients won’t have to worry about the pain and inconvenience that treatment may bring.

A future free from the risks carried by the radiation that comes with getting a mammogram in Orange County or in other areas is possible, as such, for those dealing with breast cancer. However, the present is as good a time as any to follow the lead that the proposed treatment offers: a painless way of detecting breast cancer, and counteracting it.

To that end, trusted medical practices that offer radiation-free ways of checking for lumps and other telltale signs of breast cancer, such as, can be of big help. Such companies employ state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment to accurately examine patients’ breasts and detect lesions, which will arm them with the information they need to map out a comprehensive plan of treatment.

The Wyss Institute researchers may be on to something that will change the way breast cancer – and other forms of cancer, for that matter – is managed and treated. In the meantime, people who are looking for a relatively safer alternative to getting a mammogram in Los Angeles or in other areas can count on for SureTouch and thermography procedures.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Innovative therapy offers new hope to breast cancer patients, January 2, 2014,

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